Sunday, May 22, 2011

Repeat Offenders

Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft; T-Neck: Gap; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft; Sandals: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Scarf: Ann Taylor

I am constantly being asked how I never repeat an outfit and I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. I am always repeating an item, it’s just all in how I pair it. Take this outfit for instance. Every single piece has been worn before.

You might remember the jacket from “Orange You Glad”. I was eight months pregnant and just couldn’t wait to wear the piece until after McKinley was born. I paired the jacket with a gray turtleneck, jeans, flat boots and layered necklaces. This time around, I paired it with a sleeveless t-neck, jeans, scarf and those Seychelle sandals that I absolutely love!

The sleeveless t-neck was featured in “A Leg Up…Spring Jean Trend”. I paired the top with a blazer and high waisted jeans, the same jeans worn in this outfit as well! These types of tops are great investment pieces. The sleeveless is perfect for spring days, but the t-neck adds a bit of warmth. Plus, they are great for layering.

I wore the scarf in “Sparkling Personality”. I doubled up the scarf with that outfit and just loosely wrapped the scarf this time around. The tiny sequins add just a little sparkle to the outfit while also adding a bit of warmth. Scarves are great accessories for almost any outfit. Also, the sandals are those awesome Seychelles that were an awesome investment!

As you can see from this outfit I was able to zip the jacket! I think the fit is much better now. Like I said earlier, I just couldn’t wait to wear the jacket. Are there items you seem to repeat more than others? If so, let me know what they are and how you mix them up!

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