Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Television Meets Fall Fashion

While watching the new season of fall shows, fashion is never really far from my mind especially, when watching a high fashion show like Gossip Girl. Those ladies, and men, from the Upper East Side really know how to dress! And, upon further research, you too can dress like your favorite Gossip Girl character. Shop Gossip Girl is a website dedicated to finding affordable pieces from the likes of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodson. As for men, you can shop your favorite character as well. I highly recommend you check it out. There are high dollar items located in the over $1,000 category, but you can also find pieces under $50.

When Sex and the City was in its hay day, every faithful, female watcher tried to classify herself as a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte or a Samantha when trying to define their sense of style. Today’s modern woman can try to define yourself as a Blair, a Serena or a Vanessa. Blair is conservative with her pencil skirts, sheath dresses, feminine blouses and lady like accessories. Serena, a little more edgy, is couture but trendy in form fitted dresses, skin tight jeans and leggings, plunging necklines, daring hemlines and oversized accessories, especially in her shoes and handbags. Vanessa is your Brooklyn hippie. Unlike her counterparts, Vanessa’s look is laid back chic. Bohemian dresses and vests, flowy, peasant blouses with bell bottom jeans, graphic tees paired with leather jackets and she accessorizes with chunky, stone necklaces and bracelets.

While getting dressed this morning, I tried to determine which character I might fall prey to, and to be honest, I can be any of them on any given day. My closet is an array of styles and trends and I can’t be defined by just one look. I might be a little on the Serena side today but in a more conservative fashion. I paired a black, Laundry by Design blouse with gray, cropped, wool trousers from J.Crew, added teal, suede Jessica Simpson pumps with silver stud accents and a multi-chain choker from Banana Republic. The look is trendy yet work place appropriate.

Lastly, your baby and/or toddler can also get in on the Gossip Girl fashion trend. Sandbox Threads, a line of affordable designs for babies, toddlers and kids, is a home grown company out of North Carolina that was just featured on episode two of the current season. Baby Milo was one with nature when he sported an adorable, green onesie with an ant screen print design. You should really take the time to browse the site. Great designs that are hip and cute without being cutesy. I know I will definitely be ordering for my future little one and the tons of babies that are on their way! Added bonus, its guilt-free shopping! Sandbox Threads gives back a portion of their sales each month to a “cause.” Each month 5% of their sales will be donated to deserving non-profits. I can’t think of a better reason to start stocking up on those onesies!

Which Gossip Girl are you? Can’t decide? You don’t have to. The looks are at your finger tips. Start browsing Shop Gossip Girl today and you can walk the streets of your town in style. Also, don’t forget to shop for a cause! Sandbox Threads offers adult tees as well. You and your baby can go for the matching look, if you’re into that sort of thing, or find the design that best defines you. I personally loved the homage to Say Anything! Happy Shopping!

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