Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Trends: Embellishments, Sequins and Fur

Embellishments, sequins and fur are everywhere this fall and I have fallen prey to the trend. They dress up tops and sweaters with just a little punch of something extra. The thing you have to be careful of is adding too much to an already adorned piece. In the words of Coco Chanel, take a look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry. Same applies to embellishments.

I purchased a couple of cute tops and dresses from Ann Taylor Loft with embellishments added to the shoulders. I love the look of hard and soft. The drapey fabric of several tops and the hard details on the shoulder compliment one another and replace daily jewelry. With the detail placement specifically on the shoulders, a small dangle or stud earring will be perfect. No need for a necklace. I may add a fun cocktail ring or chunky bracelet and that’s all I’ll need. I will of course wear all of these to work, but during the holidays they will be perfect for all the festivities of the season.

Another big detail for fall is sequins and they aren’t just for evenings anymore! Sequins can be worn with everyday pieces, again adding another element to fall ensembles and requiring less jewelry. I just purchased a darling sequined tube top, not the tube top of the 70s, and plan to wear it with jeans, my motorcycle leather jacket, black pants, a cropped black blazer and sweaters. I also have a navy blue top with a spattering of sequins that will be darling with gray pants and jeans. Again, the need for minimal to no jewelry is a plus with these types of details. Small dangle earrings or studs, a cuff bracelet or a statement ring is all you need.

One last fun piece for fall is the introduction to fur. You can’t flip through a magazine or catalog today without seeing cute fur vests or fur accents. Rachel Zoe set the trend for fur and she has a great faux line on QVC. If I hadn’t purchased my fur vest a couple of seasons ago, I would totally purchase this adorable faux, fox vest. I love that it comes in other colors which might just be a reason to invest in another one! If you want to make a true investment in fur, check out J.Crew. They have a darling vest of merino wool and curly lamb. I can’t say PETA would be happy about it, but if you are a fur enthusiast, go for it. I will stick with my Limited faux fur from two seasons ago!

Whatever trend you decide to follow, or if you like me and dabble in all three, make sure you don’t spend too much for the trend or over indulge. Remember, it’s a trend. It may not last through next season. I find sequins and other hardware timeless so I will hang on to my pieces for seasons to come. I will continue to try and make them fresh by incorporating next season’s trends which helps the guilt factor at times! After seeing the options, what’s on your list?

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