Monday, April 4, 2016

Blogger Collaboration with Prep Obsessed

I love bringing new companies and lines to your attention, even if you've had them on your radar, but haven't taken the time to look closer at them. I've been following Prep Obsessed on Instagram for awhile and I've fallen in love with their darling, full serve line of the girliest things for your daily fashion fix or your home decor.

Prep Obsessed is based out of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and they have the preppiest style this side of Lily Pulitzer! Owned and operated by Nina Vitalino and Corey O'Loughlin, these two friends founded the company back in 2013 when they found that they needed to shop for clothes, gifts, and accessories "at three different stores, and even then, we'd have a tough time finding items for ourselves and our friends. Our goal was to create the one stop shop for likeminded women across the country and around the world." 

When I approached the company about working together, they didn't hesitate. But, I didn't want to just feature all my favorite things in a blog post, which I've done below. I wanted to talk with them about why they created their company, what inspired their business (see above), what their mission was, and where they saw themselves in a year. 

Their mission is "to find unique items that will set our customers apart from the crowd for all the right reasons. We aim to offer items that are fun, classy, and affordable - all while providing top notch customer service", and when I asked where they get their motivation, the answer was easy. "We have a running list that all of our friends contribute to." As for their quirky quotes? Whenever they go out, they end up coming up with a slew of them. "Our friends definitely inspire so much of what we do." I love that!! 

As I mentioned earlier, Prep Obsessed has a full service line of products, but I need to elaborate. I adore their bar/drinkware, and I'm pretty sure I've chosen every tumbler they offer! I think I need the "Everyday I'm Hustlin" one for sure. Their Monogram line is every Southern girls dream and the baseball cap is on my radar. The chambray one is super cute, but the black is so chic. And check out that octopus shot glass holder! Talk about a statement piece at your next cocktail party! I would love to give that as a wedding gift! So unique! And the piece that started it all for me is the "Mimosas Made Me Do It" tee. And for all of you who know me, you know that is not a lie! 

Check out the top 10 pieces I've chosen!

Prep Obsessed's team was so generous to supply me with a few blogger gifts and I can't wait to share how I've styled them! But in the meantime, I want to highlight their pineapple earrings. These are their Signature Pineapple Pearl Pop Studs and they are the epitome of adorable! And while I'm on the subject of pineapples, the large array of pineapple themed items are super cute! 

So where do Corey and Nina see themselves in a year? "That's probably the toughest question of all! We've been growing so quickly that in the next year we'll probably have purchased 100 new storage solutions to try to make our current shop work for a few more months (we're BURSTING at the seams), have added some great new members to our team, and ideally have created some fantastic new products that we're obsessed with!" I hope all of this becomes a reality for this darling duo and their chic boutique! And as for me, I hope to be a part of that team from a blogger stand point and consumer!

See anything you like? Shop the link here! Whether it's for you or a friend, you will love everything you've ordered! 

Happy Monday and Happy Shopping!

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