Friday, July 11, 2014

Dream to Reality: A Madewell Tote

I am no longer in the diaper bag phase of my life, but that doesn't mean I'm not still toting around a ton of stuff! It's amazing what all a toddler requires in addition to all the other stuff that I need. It seems like it's a lot! I've been relying on some trusty, over-sized handbags to get me through (see here and here for examples), but I think it's time to break down and purchase a large yet chic tote. It's like a minivan transition, which I swear I'm never making!

When looking for the right tote, or a simply sleek version, look no further than Madewell! It's like they are the holy grail of totes! I mean they have a webpage and a hashtag dedicated to them! Check out the photos being taken of the coolest, hippest totes on the market here

I honestly can't decide which one suits me, my wardrobe, my little guy, and all of our stuff the most. I have to say that I'm pretty much falling for the navy one, but I do love the Transport Tote which seems to be the fan favorite among bloggers and fashionistas. Take a look at my favs below.

Top Row: 1/2 (on sale)/3
Bottom Row: 1/2/3

So, if you had to make my decision to carry one of their iconic totes, which one would you choose? I hope to make one of these a reality soon and have mine appear on the infamous #totewell page! 

Happy Friday!

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